Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A simple hello...

Hellooo... Dunno how to start, but it's been years I've been wanting to create a blog and share the world what I love most, including Fashion, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Music etc.

So, here we go to a simple introduction...

My name is Jessica Theophilus, you can simply call me Jess or Jessica...I'm from Indonesia and I'm currently working as a Merchandiser in a Jewelry Company and also own a accessories online shop named Needle 'n Thread .

My blog is the story of my transformation as a child who loves fashion to the fullest,and always think that Fashion does not always consist of luxurious and expensive brands, but also confidence which matters the most - hope you enjoy my blog!

Without further ado, Welcome to my world :)

1 comment:

  1. eh eh chika bikin blog hi..hi..hi.. (jadi gene kerjaannya di jw ? ) ha..haa..haa.... ditunggu ya day 3, 4, 5 nya.... ^_*