Friday, August 31, 2012

Trip to BKK (Day 4)

Day 4 was a total mess. The local tour turned out to be very disappointing. We supposed to go to Tiger Temple where we could see the monks feed the tiger and also a very old temple which has a special bond between the monk and the tiger. It took 3hrs drive to go there, and when we finally arrived, the place was already closed because apparently they have the regulation to close the place on 3 PM. And the drama began... Our boss was very angry to the local guide, and asked for a compensation, which are 1 day extension of the trip, included with the flight, hotel, and transport. You go boss!!!hahahaha... He is a very caring boss, he fought about the compensation because he was uncool seeing our sad faces because of one wasted day. And we were over the moon hearing the news when the tour agent finally said that the extension is confirmed!!! HAHAHAHA....

My working team

After arriving back at Bangkok, we had dinner at Royal Dragon Restaurant, it was really good. The Tom Yum, Oyster Sauce Crab, Spicy Squid, and the Seafood Platter were just splendid. You really should go there when you have a chance to visit Bangkok.
Later that night, we tried to ride the BTS (Bangkok's skytrain), Tuk tuk (go google it!) and it was so much fun. I felt adventurous already,hahaha...

We also went to Patpong, it's like the center of the night life in Bangkok, just like what you see in Hangover part II movie. It was exactly like that.

BTS Skytrain

At midnight we gave a birthday surprise for our friend, and we took some photos too in the bedroom. A very warm way to end the night.

I think Day 4 wasn't that bad after all. You know, what makes us happy is ourselves indeed.

Thank you for reading. What do you think of my Day 4 in Bangkok?

Wardrobe :
Navy Playsuit - Online shopped
Sandals - Zara
Accessories - Needle 'n Thread
Watches - Casio


  1. Seems sooo much fun.. i know it is cos i was there last july and i had an amazing time.. have fun dear!

    xo, Carla