Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trip to PTY-BKK (Day 1)

I was very lucky because I got the chance to go to Pattaya and Bangkok this early August. My boss tagged us along to Bangkok for company's outting. It was so much fun with colleagues which already became my family for almost 4 years now to experience this trip together.

First day, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, which is one of the best airport in the world, told by the local tour guide. But I think it made sense, because the architecture was simply breathtaking, what a big difference to Indonesia's airport at Jakarta. LOL
We directly headed to Pattaya and visited Hard Rock Hotel/Shop for a quick shopping (and photos of course,hahaha), and at night we enjoyed the notorious "Thai Girl's Show" which is very famous and one of the must visit place in Pattaya. The show was jaw-dropping and only allowed for 21+ year old. No wonder. Please do witness yourself, you'll get what I mean ;p
I also managed myself to taste the delicious local food, such as mango with sticky rice and pancake.

dropped by at a bookstore ...

bye bye JAKARTA! :)

Suvarnabhumi Airport

The Thai Girl's Show Theater, unfortunately we couldn't take picture inside...

Mango with sticky rice, so yummm....

Thai's pancake

Wardrobe :

Sandals - Zara
Shirt - Online shopping
Shorts - Vintage cut-jeans
Bag - Online shopping
Bracelet - Diva
Watch - Casio
Ring and Necklace - Needle 'n Thread


  1. Lovely pictures you've got chick I'm well jealous :D. Glad that you had a good time there. I always wanted to visit Bangkok but it seems like never had a chance to actually go there yet considering I only been moved back in Jakarta for a couple of months. One day hopefully. Btw im loving all your jewellries on your online shop. Keep it up the good work :)

    Love, Indah xx

  2. Hey, you really should go to Bangkok, it's a heaven for fashion blogger like us.hahaha.. Thanks anyway for the comment, u're too kind.


  3. Beautiful photos! xx